Our Discord Server

At Bella Tapp Designs, we strive to bring artists and creators together. This is why we created the Bella Tapp Designs Discord server.

Some people may see Discord as a place for gamers and gamers only, however this is not the case. Discord has a wide variety of communities with an ever-increasing variety of topics and content under discussion. After considering multiple options for the best way to create a community where everyone can interact with and meet each other, we decided that Discord was the best choice.

In this Discord server, you’ll find spaces to meet new people and engage with others who enjoy art, design, photography and other hobbies. Moderated by both friendly staff members and automated solutions, we feel that our server provides a safe space for people to meet.

Looking for some awesome discussions? We’ve got you covered! Semi-daily questions for the community? Tick! Truth-or-dare, minigames and even an economy system? Of course!

With this and more, including the opportunity to engage with Bella directly in an open space, what are you waiting for? Join the Discord server today! Click here to join. If you don’t already have a Discord account, you’ll be prompted to create one when you click the link.