Lino Printing

This is a relief method of printmaking.

I usually sketch my idea out on paper first and mess around with different patterns and lines, this is when I may create a tonal reference if producing a colour print. Once the design is worked out, it is then transfered onto the viynl floor tile that I prefer to use (rather than lino).

Lino cutting tools are used to carve the block, removing the areas that are to be white. Once the block is carved, I use newsprint paper and a soft pencil to create a rubbing of the block so that I can see any obvious areas that still need to be carved.

Once I am happy that the block is ready, a roller is used to apply printing ink to the surface of the block. This is then placed (ink side up) on the printing bed, a piece of paper is carefully laid over the top and it is rolled through the press. The block is inked for each successive print and the prints themselves are put on a rack, so that nothing comes into contact with the ink before it is dry.